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The Motor City Medium

Lead investigator, medium

I am a spiritual medium, using my gift to help others connect with loved ones on the other-side, giving them one more chance to tell them they are loved and receive the acknowledgment that they go on and are in a good place.

I have been sensitive since age three and now use this gift from God to ease the pain of others. I am also a high level empath and I'm in the process of writing a book to help other highly emphatic people understand and cope with their abilities. Being an emphatic medium means, I can pick up spirits at locations and interact with them and the environment. I use my abilities in conjunction with scientific research my team gathers and I use my abilities to provide answers and then assist with the blessing and sealing of the environment if required.


Lead investigator,

EVP Specialist

I’m Dan and my wife Rebecca and I founded this team to help people with spirit troubles. By day I work in an architectural firm by night I am the tech guy as well as the seeker of physical evidence for what Rebecca picks up on. I also enjoy car shows as I am a car guy at my core. To relax I have been known to enjoy a glass of whiskey and a fine cigar.


Senior investigator

Hello, I’m Ryan, one of the original members of  this bunch of highly talented people.  So far I have tricked them into letting me stick around with one of  the best paranormal teams around with only the skills of being a good backpack carrier and willing to explore the more dangerous areas of any place we have been asked to investigate.  As far as defining myself, I am not sure what to say, I am a former radio host, turned racecar driver, turned paranormal investigator, and am honored to be invited. When I’m not racing a car, or helping a truly great team of investigators, I live in Livonia, Michigan.



Hi! My name is Tracy. I'm a single mom of 6. I work full-time as an assistant teacher. In my spare time I enjoy investigating the paranormal with this amazing team. 


Investigator, Medium

I am an intuitive medium and have known that I am different my entire life. It wasn’t until I was older that I recognized that difference is my ability to see, hear and feel spirits and ghosts. Because of my experiences, I have always been interested in the paranormal. However, my inner logical skeptic who questions everything craves physical proof. My goal in participating with this team is to discover physical evidence that supports my experiences as a psychic medium who communicates with spirit.




My name is Jennifer and I am very privileged to be a team member of Glas paranormal. I have had a good amount  of paranormal  experiences starting as an extremely young child all the way up until my adult years. Although I am a True Believer I can be a skeptic as well , but mostly a believer because when I see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears or feel what I feel...there is NOBODY  that can tell me different. Its real, I've personality experienced it. I also LOVE my family time.  Listening to my talented husband play guitar's while our daughter's, 2 cats and 2 large dogs run around all crazy is actually enjoyable for me. When I'm home alone I like doing my grounding ,meditating & walking through the woods it is really peaceful



My name is Bruce and I joined  Glas paranormal because of the experiences I have had before. Such as I lived in an actual haunted house back when I bought my 1st home and it was a bit creepy. I've also had experiences which  were pretty amazing as well.  I'm a Believer and a skeptic and enjoy investigating with my team.



I’m a Professional Psychic/Physical Medium/Ordained Minister/Oracle Card Reader/Spiritual Counselor/Paranormal Investigator/Remote Viewer.  I like being personal, upfront and honest in my readings and investigations. I like being interconnected with our energy, this is used to connect to the higher realms/levels of frequencies. Once you speak the visions and spirits and our guides start talking to me and then appear to me and we connect on this earthly level. I will give you validation(s) of spirit, past, present future information.  I can also scan your body for physical issue(s). Being a physical medium, I know that losing someone you love is very hard, it affects you deeply. I’m here to heal and help you understand the process. I also know that seeing and hearing, feeling spirits helps to validate in paranormal investigation along with remote viewing. I use the house number #’s, then I can scan the home before I come what to expect before I go in like “the hot spots”.  I don’t spook to easy, I’m comfortable talking to spirit. I’m married to Tom he’s great at capturing spirit on his paranormal equipment. We love the country living and our pets and family and friends.



My name is Tom and throughout my life I have experienced many different types of the Paranormal, some of which have been very profound. In my younger days I was always told it was just my imagination, but I knew better. I have always known spirits were attracted to me and my empathic abilities.

Being married to a Medium has made the last 8 years very interesting. It’s great to share my interests. Together we have acquired various ghost hunting equipment and have done our own Paranormal investigations and have been invited to investigate with several Paranormal teams. I have always seemed to be good at finding things when reviewing videos, pictures and audio.  When Kristin and I are not on the go, you can find us and our Lab "Bella" by a cozy bonfire at our homehe end of a dark dirt road somewhere north of Springport MI.



Native American Shaman who has practiced the Native Medicine for 35 yrs. I am also a licensed ordained minister who does traditional and Native style weddings according to tribal laws.I have been active in Paranormal investigations with several groups around the country..
Guided meditations, readings, house blessings and much more..
end of a dark dirt road somewhere north of Springport MI.